Higher Education Opportunities in Japan - Taught in English / Lower Fees / Do judo

The Japanese goverment has embarked on a new scheme to internationalise their universities. The scheme is called Global 30 (G30 for short) and cover 13 unversities in Japan that have been accredited.  Click here to link to the official Japanese Government website for the G30 programme.

The programme is unique as all the courses are taught in English and the fees are much lower than currently proposed in the UK, with the opportunity for 1st year fees waived and schalarships.  The unversities are seeking high performing students.

In judo terms, this is a fantastic opportunity to combine university study and judo training.  In Japan, the strongest players and clubs are based in universities as it is an integral part of their education system.  The judo clubs are all linked to the relevant academic department for physical education or sports science. 

In particular TSUKUBA UNIVERSITY has been canvassing for students at the British Schools Judo Tournament in Sheffield in March 2011 and has advertised in the Matside magazine.  The presentation below is very informative and includes info about judo.  The judo club at Tsukuba is overseen by Okada Sensei (former World Champion and Olympic Medalist) and pulled 10 medals at the 2010 World Judo Championships.
Click here for the link to the TSUKUBA University G30 programme.

Click here for the presentation

This website has also  offered links with DOSHISHA UNIVERSITY in Kyoto which has in turn links with Daishin Judo Club and Kiwi Club Osaka Friendly Society (links to New Zealand and Oceania judo community back to the 1970s)

From face to face discussions with a lecturer from Tsukuba University, you need only email of make telephone contact and they will do everything they can to facilitate the submission of  applications. 

On reviewing other unviversities off the JUMP website, they also seem to be very keen to attract international students, and all offer different course programmes.